IDN Poker Review: Enjoy Online Gambling With iPoker

IDN Poker was recently recognized by a few of the leading world poker websites as presently marked as the second most popular online poker game service provider behind PokerStars, shifting almost 8 percent of all world poker traffic to its web portal from the year before. This is quite an impressive amount of movement, considering that the second place only gets three times more traffic than the leading site. This leaves a lot of room for growth, especially given the fact that IDN Poker’s interface and general appearance are very attractive. Its logo, for instance, is a strikingly accurate representation of the online poker room itself, complete with a bright red background.

Even though PokerStars and iPoker are the two main heavyweights of online recreational players going into the action, it still seems a little surprising that a little number of casual players have chosen to hop on the IDN Poker bandwagon. One major reason could be the presence of an interface and visual style similar to that of PokerStars and iPoker. Another reason is of course the large prize money to be won there, which can no doubt appeal to any recreational player. And finally, the extensive variety of tournament play that these two giants offer to their customers can’t be ignored as a major attraction to the casual players as well.

One of the unique features that I like about idn poker is that they allow players to “throw” their hands in lieu of making a bet. For example, if a player has an ace in his or possession and he decides to play a hand with the Ace and a King at the same time, rather than betting on the Ace and a King, he can “throw” his cards and get an additional two points off the pot, instead. This means that a player who has gotten an Ace and King in a row will gain an extra point for playing, allowing them to potentially win the pot. Of course, this is only available if the player was bluffing, as is the case in many Sit n Go’s. However, it’s an exciting new feature that many recreational players would certainly appreciate.

Another of iPoker’s unique features is the ability to make a Myrtle tree. In short, a Myrtle tree is basically an enhanced version of the regular joker. Each of the green leaves represents one of the player’s non-facing cards, while the red leaves represent their face cards. When a player wants to “bluff” without having their cards actually show up on the table, they can simply use a Myrtle bush to hide their cards. While not all players will be able to pull of this trick, those who can will find themselves winning plenty of extra rakeback in the process. Of course, you can’t tell someone not to use a Myrtle bush until you see the Myrtle tree; the rule of thumb here is that you must see it before you can really “bluff” and earn some Myrtle back.

The final and one of the most entertaining features of iPoker for IPN poker review purposes is the ability to play online from anywhere in the world that has an Internet connection. This means that players can still enjoy the benefits of playing at home even if they don’t have access to a traditional casino. As an IPN poker player, you can still win money on IPN games at casinos all over the world. In fact, iPoker actually travels from casino to casino, so players no longer need to leave their homes in order to enjoy the thrill of winning some serious cash. All they need is an Internet connection and a credit card.

Of course, the ability to take in large amounts of money is one of the biggest attractions of this game. Once you get started, you’ll quickly see that there are a wide variety of ways for you to rake in profits. Depending on how many stakes you’re playing on each day, your income stream will vary significantly. Some days you might rake in hundreds or thousands of dollars, while other days you might only manage a few dollars or points. Of course, if you play often enough, the amount of money you’ll earn will eventually catch up with your daily profits and you’ll be able to quit your job!